1. Overview

Founded in 2001, TVT Construction Co., Ltd., a privately-owned company, has grown into a nationally acknowledged construction entity built on a foundation of well-trained, proficient, and dedicated engineers, architects, designers, and personnel. Into its 13th year of experience, TVT has built a solid reputation by accomplishing and delivering the high quality works,providing practical and cost-effective solutions on the wide range of demanding and high profile projects to its multi-faceted clientele.
Tan Viet Tin

With the specialization in General Contracting, Design &Build Construction Services, Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) works, and Project and Construction Management, TVT has worked with high profile and multi-national companies such as Procter and Gamble, M+W, Kimberly-Clark, Korea United Pharma, Johnson Controls, Mapletree, Berjaya, Lixil Global, Cargill, DKSH etc and is more than willing to undertake new projects as a continuing challenge to the company and its personnel and staff.

At TVT Construction, we believe our keen passion, affable integrity, and upfront commitment have made us become who we are today and will thus guide us into the future. We strive to be remembered in the communities in which we have helped to build a better tomorrow with our solid work performance, making us a trusted and reliable construction organization today.

2. Mission Statement

To augment itself with disciplined skill acquisition, incessant enhancement, and work efficiency to gratify and exceed each client’s anticipation.

3. Vision

Tan Viet Tin Construction Company Limited is not just a construction company. We are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community, helping to maintain existing companies and assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality.
Pham The Tai
With 25 years of expertise in the fields of civil engineering, irrigation engineering, and construction management, Mr. Tai has proven to be a competent and autonomous leader to his peers and the company. His dynamic, dedicated leadership style is a fine mix of his result-oriented organization, devoted management, and approachable personality.
His professional career started with House Development Company and Chuchawal de Weger Consultant & Design Co. (CDW) as a site engineer that has significantly helped him in shaping his perseverance and efficiency.

From 2001 to present, Mr. Tai has been working as the Director of Tan Viet Tin Construction Co., Ltd., setting an example of high quality work performance to his colleagues.
Assembling some of the talented engineering personnel and skilled workers in the country, Mr. Tai leads Tan Viet Tin Construction Co., Ltd. in creating a well-known construction company to foreign companies in Vietnam gaining a high satisfactory rating from the company’s multi-national clients.
Nguyen Hieu Nghia
Vice Director
As the Vice Director, Mr. Nghia brings over 26 years of valuable engineering and management experience to Tan Viet Tin Construction Co., Ltd.
Starting his professional career as an engineering designer, Mr. Nghia then shifted to being a site engineer, senior engineer, and construction manager, which has broadened his experience in different kinds of projects and developments.

Currently as the Company’s Vice Director, he performs his duties and responsibilities diligently with utmost dedication. In his recent works, he focuses on renovation, extension, and modification of manufacturing facilities and buildings for well-known multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever Food Production Factory, Akzo Nobel Factory, etc. With a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the construction experience, Mr. Nghia is instrumental in the steady growth of the company from its inception and to date. 
Nguyen Hieu Phuong Thao
Chief Accountant
A graduate from The Economics University of Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Thao is in her 17th year of professional experience and currently working as the chief accountant at Tan Viet Tin Construction Co., Ltd.
Her lively and amiable personality reflects strongly in her enthusiasm and diligence for her job. Her independent leadership has helped in the growth of the company financially.

Nguyen Thi Thu Dong
With 26 years in her experience, Ms. Dong has worked at various positions such as deputy, chief accountant, and senior sales representative in her previous companies.

Currently, she is the Treasurer of the Finance Department of Tan Viet Tin Construction Co., Ltd. Her ability to organize economic activities is invaluable and influential to the steady growth of the company. Ms. Dong’s goal and result-oriented attitude and straight-forwardness have secured her a lasting position at Tan Viet Tin Construction Co., Ltd. 

Ms. Dong’s contribution to the Tan Viet Tin Const. has been influential to the steady growth of the company to date.
Assistant Director at Tan Viet Tin Construction Co., Ltd. 

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Truong Dieu Vo
Head of Project Department

Currently the head of Project department, Mr. Vo has brought over 20 years of experience to Tan Viet Tin Construction Company Co., Ltd. He worked at various positions in the past including construction manager, project coordinator, and site manager, which enriched his experience in the construction sites and management to a higher quality work level. Through highly devoted enthusiasm and freshness, Mr. Vo has contributed to the steady growth at Tan Viet Tin and  set an exemplary work performance for other coworkers to follow. 
Phan Diep Duc Tien
Assistant Tender Manager

A significant recipient in the recently steady growth of Tan Viet Tin Construction Company Ltd even though he has only started working for a few months, Mr. Tien has showed excellence and professionalism in his work. Currently an assistant tender manager, he is responsible for managing bids in response for Request for Proposals (RFPs) from clients. Mr. Tien used to work at Atelier Management & Design Consultant (VN) Co. where he was an assistant project manager and engineer in which he believes has brought out the best of him.

Being a project manager at a consultant firm allows Mr. Tien to approach and have a better understanding of the clients. While working at Atelier, Mr. Tien took a 3-year break to further his study in science and managed to obtain a Master's degree in science at National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science in Taiwan. This has given him a more in-depth in the subject to foster his knowledge and career in the field.

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